INTERIOR: nursery




Scandinavian design is LOVE. From fashion brands to interior and industrial design, it’s primary focus is on simplicity expressed in a minimalist neutral style.


  1. Gender-neutral
  2. Natural, ‘warm’ materials
  3. Light colors provide for airy, roomy design
  4. Easy-to-mix-and-match
  5. Practical (see notes below)
  6. Cute but not overly cute


  1. 3 Drawer Changer Dresser $300
    (add more color with replaceable drawer knobs $18)
  2. Floor Mat $138
  3. Multi-purpose Shelf Storage $249
    (use as a bookshelf or combine with storage bins to keep baby’s belongings)
  4. Bassinet $280
    (super easy to move around the house and to store, add sophistication and coziness with an optional canopy $60)
  5. Storage Bin $9
  6. Table Cloud Lamp $79
  7. Rocking Chair $1195
  8. Convertible 4-in-1 Crib $300
    (long-term investment and looks equally good as a baby crib and as a toddler’s bed; add more color with replaceable bed feet $23)

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